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This plastic extrusion machine line set for APCP (Aluminum-plastic componsite panel, or called it by “ACP”) business fields to make ACP panel for  interior trim or buildings’ outdoor decoration.

It has lots of advantage by the single screw plastic extruders:

1. large output capacity;

2. very good dispersion effect;

3. Large filler quantity could be added into the products;

4. As the panel could added more fillers and the quality didn’t goes down a  lot,  so it  could cut down the panels’ cost;

5. as has the large output capacity, the same period can make more panels by the machine line, but the workers selary is fixed, so it also can save factory’s total cost and can save the daily maintence.

This large output capacity plastic extrusion machine line is also for engineering granules making, the granules could be used in automobile business fields. The granules can make car parts by injection machine, like side car door parts, instrument panel, sunroof frame and so on.

This machine line also can make fillers, like calcium carbonate(CaCO3), barium sulfate/permanent white(BaSO4), French chalk, starch,titanium dioxide and Etc..


HS CODE: 8477.2010.00

Material: Metal


Package: Standard export packages.

Production Standard: Export Standard

Production building Capacity: 20-25 line/month

Packing: Export standard packages

1) FCL: Metal frame on the bottom for transportation by lift when loading or unloading into/from the container to            workshop; wrap film cover whole machine and parts; if it has meter or PLC outside, then will pack it carefully avoide crush.
2) LCL: Wooden case for package, but we will charge the packing cost to the clients.

Minimum order: 1unit/order placed by one time;

Quality Guarantee: 1 year from B/L issued date, except quick-ware parts (like segments, heaters, shafts, sensor and Etc., we will list them on delivery packing list; We will collect the cost of the replace parts if the problem by man-made damage.

Installation and debugging charges: will be collected, please ask for our clerks in overseas markets department.

Documents presentation: B/L, INVOICE, PACKINGLIST, C/O and Insurance policy (If CIF terms);

Our machine can process the following materials:


Representative materials

Mixing nature-changing

PE,PP,PS+SBS,PA+EPDM,PP+NBR,EVA +Silicon rubber, etc.


Filling nature-changing

PE,PP,EVA, etc.+ Calcium carbonate, talcum powder, titanic powder

ABS,PC,PS, etc.+ aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, antimony oxide.

PP,PA,ABS +ferrous powder, sulphuric powder ceramic powder

Functional machine pellets

PP,PA,ABS,PBT, etc+ anti-burning agent and other auxiliary agents: combustion-supporting machine pellets

PE,PP,PS, etc+ starch: de-composing machine pellets

PE+ fog-preventing dipper, stabilizer: dual-prevention machine pellets

PE,EVA=ABS etc+ carbon black: black machine pellets

Colored machine pellets

PE,PP,ABS,AS,PA,EVA,PET +pigment and auxiliary

Intensified glass fibers and carbon fibers

PP,PBT,ABS,AS,PA,PC,POM,PPS,PET etc.+ long fibers, small fibers, carbon fibers, crystals and so on, etc.

Various cables

HDPE,LDPE,LLDPE,MDPE,EVA,PVC,PP, etc. insulating cables,coatings,

PE peroxide silicon alkyl crossing cables: radialization crossing cables

Special materials

EVA heat-melting glue, polyurethane, fluorine rubber, fluorine plastics, PP cigarette filtering material and TPR sole material

Reaction extruding

Poly-amide condensate, poly-amide melting polymerization, poly-amide polythene-adding, poly-carbonate condensate, etc.

Exhausting and volatilization

Polystyrene oxide, high-absorbing resin, chlorine sulphur polyethylene

Powder paint

Polyester, ring oxide, lactide, polyurethane, acrylate


Technical Parameter:


Screw Dia.

 Screw Rotary
Speed (rpm)

 Motor Power


Output Capacity






































Both screws and barrels are designed according to the principle of building block type. Let the machine line has excellent dispersion, mixing and compounding performance, controllable material duration of staying time in the barrels.  In the meantime, this design also has good exhaust release performance, excellent interchangeability, self-cleaning, flexible module combination and other characteristics, to achieve a wide range of muti-function, multi-purpose and specific requirements of the specific unity。


New Mixing & Extrusion Elements (segments)

The SHJ series extruders have newly developed screw elements (segments) for good distributive and dispersive mixing and extrusion process. The special screw elements will be greatly conductive to the even shearing stress, even axial elongation rate, and low temperature distribution. All these factors will determinately lead to the final material or products’ quality.


The SHJ series extruders have unique features with a balanced shaft drive mechanism, a solution offering decisive advantages over the conventional gearing chain with a simple split of the driving torque. In the new solution the torque for the second screw is split again in half to drive two auxiliary shafts at levels above and below the second screw shank. Consequently the balanced gearing shafts have to bear the 25% torque of the overall. The extreme load ability connected with this type of gearing chain enable to work with the kind of torques required to achieve high output rates at lower screw speeds that will be decisive to the final performance of the mixing polymer.


Field of application:

SHJ series co-rotating twin screw extruders are mainly applied in polymer processing. To meet the increasingly demand from new materials and process, our company has been providing more new technologies and products accordingly.


Filling modification                                         Cables & Wires

Powder-coating                                                 Blending

Degassing                                                             Reinforcing modification

Master-batch preparation                            Reactive Extrusion

Other Applications

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