Continuous mixer plastic extrusion group had a good running test! Apr 22, 2022

Banbury mixing group with single screw extruder are used to produce high concentration color master batch production line had a successfully running test today.

 banbury mixing group

The equipment is mainly used for the production of high percentage of calcium carbonate powder for filler and produce a high concentration color master batch production and application.

 banbury mixer

The function of continuous mixing machine (Banbury mixing group) is to replace the original banbury mixer + twin screw machine for the first stage by granules making.  After this group treated material drop down into the 2nd stage. This group is the one step of the granulation instead of the original two step production processing: mixing + granulating.



This machine line is the machine line which has two stage processing: 1st stage is material continuous mixing, compounding and convoying into the next processing step, the 2nd stage is for granulating. The material in the 1st stage, they could be mixed and compounded enough, and material covered each other, it’ would be the sticky and thick paste. The final products, granules which would be had a good dispersibility and a good distributivity.

It’s a good choice for high quality and high concentration color master batch or filler making factories.

Double wrist feeder



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