Correct method of change color and material for color master batch producing by twin screw extruder Apr 22, 2022

Give you a brief introduction to the correct way to switch color and material of the twin screw extruder:

1, the batch of products should be corresponding to the size of the machine.

2, write out the cleaning or dismantling procedures for each product, this helps the operator to plan the time and eliminate their arguments about how much waste material will be produced.


3, to help the operator, put the clean operation tools around the extruder, if the frequent refueling, then make a workbench around the extruder, get the useful tools ready and convenient to take if they needed.

4. Study the flow sequence of raw materials and finished products into and out of the operation site (workshop).  It will save more time on moving the vehicle or other transportation tools if you could arrange and know much better about these things first.

5, Make sure the cleanliness requirements of the next order or next batch of items production.

6, if possible, in order to reduce the cleaning machine production.  That means going from light color to dark one.  otherwise, you have to do repeating works.

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