BIO Degradable Plastic Sheet Machine CaCo3 Filler plastic polymer extruder

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: Machine line: 1Unit, Spare Parts: Please check with us;
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Origin: China
  • Production Standard/Package: Exporting standard
  • Packing for Full Container Loading (FCL): Metal frame on the bottom for transportation by lift when loading or unloading into/from the container to workshop; wrap film cover whole machine and parts; if it has meter or PLC outside, then will pack it carefully avoide crush.
  • Packing for Less Container Loading(LCL): Wooden case for package, but we will charge the packing cost to the clients.
  • Quality Guarantee: 1 year from B/L issued date, except quick-ware parts (like segments, heaters, shafts, sensor and Etc., we will list them on delivery packing list; We will collect the cost of the replace parts if the problem by man-made damage.
  • Installation and debugging charges: will be collected, please ask for our clerks in overseas markets department.
  • Documents presentation: B/L, INVOICE, PACKINGLIST, C/O and Insurance policy (If CIF terms);
  • Production (Machine lines) building Capacity: 20-25 line/month
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    BIO Degradable Plastic Sheet Machine CaCo3 Filler plastic polymer extruder

    Environmental-Friendly-Stone Paper- CaCo3-Plastic-Filler-Sheet-Production Line

    Environmental Friendly “Stone Paper” Production Line

    Stone plastic paper equipment scheme:

    This Stone plastic paper production equipment machine line fall into Twin screw plastic polymer extruder, it makes DIO Degradable plastic sheet, or make the sheets which added CaCo3, BaSo4 or other cheap price fillers, it adopts casting or calendaring process: compounding, mixing, extruding to produce the special master batch, then through extruding, calendaring, stretching, cooling, surface treatment, coating, cutting and rolling to produce origin paper. Its features for high efficiency, good quality, lower producing cost, smooth surface for paper, especially can be used for printing top grade album and book cover Etc.


    Master batch producing equipment: High speed mixer, granule producing line.

    Dimensions; L*W*H=40M*8.5M*8M

    Output capacity: 500-800Kgs/h, Appr. 5000T/Y

    Paper’s thickness: 0.08mm-0.3mm (sheet: 0.3mm-1.2mm)

    Edge waste treatment: Automatic recycle, automatic crush, automatic filling.

    Operation control: Automatic computer control, automatic monitoring, automatic transfer, automatic close loop.

    Producing course: Clean producing, no-pollution, no-dust, non-waste, raw materials automatic filling.


    Operation labors; quantity 15 Workers/ 3 Shift/ single line

    Invested capital for stone plastic paper’s production line: Approximately 20 Million/set


    The invention of papermaking is a major contribution from China to human. The paper is extremely important to people work, study and life. The over-exploitation of trees form the traditional papermaking process has led to the serous pollution and negative effects to ecology environment, which has been focused by the whole human.

    Based on the raw material of inorganic powder (mainly CaCo3), added with a little synthetic resin and chemical additive, adopting the advanced technology to produce the new type environmental protection paper. This is the newest type in papers field. It can be used in the fields of printing, packing, snap-gauge and sorts of label. It has the excellent paper performance and environmental protection performance.

    The synthetic paper is also named as “not-torn” paper, at present, it is normally named as “stone paper”, but named as “synthetic paper” in this article.


    Producing process

    The percentage of the inorganic fillers(CaCo3, Talcum powder, Wollastonite, Titanium Dioxide Etc.) in the synthetic paper is about 60-80%, according to the different usage, it is added with PP, PE Etc. resin and sorts of chemical additives to  be produced to the special application master batch by the process of compound, modification and extrusion.

    At present at home and abroad, the methods of synthetic paper are mainly for rolling process, curtain coating process, film blowing process, two-way stretch and nom-woven paper Etc., the different construction s contain single-layer, three-layers, five-layers and multilayers Etc..

    The Advantage and the feature:

    1. Save resource: the raw materials of synthetic paper are mainly calcium carbonate and other inorganic powder , synthetic resin, saving large woods and water resource;
    2. Outstanding environmental conservation. It doesn’t use water, wood pulp and steam, no poison gas, no waste water, no waste residue, no waste gas and the left over material can be recycled;
    3. Excellent application performance, it adopts the plastic instead of the paper and wood, so it owns the double function both of the plastic , and the plastic-paper;
    4. Good hygiene: Non-poisonous, non-smell, non-pollution for the raw material;
    5. Good chemical stability. Can be applied in most chemicals packing;
    6. Excellent process ability, can be applied in trimming, die cutting, stamping, gilding and so on.


    The Application Field;

    1. Print
    2. Decoration
    3. Packing

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