BaSO4 Barium sulfate master batch Manufacturer provides straightly

 BaSO4 Barium sulfate master batch Manufacturer provides straightly

BaSO4 Barium sulfate master batch instructions

Granule, masterbatch has strong chemical inertia, good stability, acid-alkali resistance, moderate hardness, choose and plastic refractive index of similar ultrafine material through advanced processing technology, good dispersion, good luster; There’s some transparency.

Range of application

Mainly used for transparent supermarket bags, vest bags, advanced packaging bags (add up to 10-30%) PE, PO blowing film. Can also be used directly for plastic products (PE, PP, ABS home appliances injection extrusion profile, blow containers) color and economic purposes.

Data sheet:

The surface is smooth and the particles are even
Grain diameter phi  φ 2-4 ㎜
Heat resisting temperature 260℃
Sun fastness grade: 5
Resistance to mobility level 6
Excellent dispersion

Packing specification

25㎏ net weight, plastic woven bag liner film bag packaging.

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