Why my plastic extruder cannot make particles by under-water pelletizing system? Jul 06, 2022

Why my plastic extruder cannot make particles by under-water pelletizing system?

Today we have a running test for new plastic material particles making, the plastic material is PP, actually, it's a PP toughening modification project, there are two different kinds of plastic raw material, and the processing temperature is also different, one is about 180 cetigrade, and another one, the temperature reaches into 280 centigrade.

PP toughening modification Granules

the customer told us he did a running test in a factory located in Guazhou,they cannot make shapes, and cannot make by particles, but we did it!

toughening modification pp underwater pelletizer


We did it by two times. the first time the result shape of granules is not so good, it has some tail by the particles ends.

not good pp

Asked the client by the processing temperature and melt temperature, we set the temperature which we think would be working and continues to have test, the shape of the granules is satisfied our clients by second time.

The customer is very exciting and be satisfied with the trial production result.  

The next step will be doing business negotiation for further communicate, and to build a suitable underwater granulation extruder for their company.

toughening modification pp underwater pelletizer

Why your plastic cannot be particles by under-water pelletizing system? on my opinion, you have to know your raw material more about the technical parameter and know how to set the temperature for two kinds of different raw materail. also, a good production processing is very important, it's upto the eingineers' production experience. Sometimes, communication with client by plenty of time is also necessary to do.

End's well then everything is well!

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