about us
About us

Extruder Online is a specialized manufacturer of professional designing and making co-rotating parallel twin-screw

extrudersthree screws plastic extrudergranule equipment and spare parts. Our factory manufactures complete

set of plastic extrusion equipment, and provides related crafts, technical development, and advisory service. Our

company has a lot of domestic current seniors and specialized technical persons in co-rotating parallel twin-screw

extruder domain. 


Our main products are fall into reinforce and modification plastic business: 

1) Co-rotating parallel method Twin screw plastic extrusion machine:

    Various kind of carriers, like to say, PE/PP/ABS/PA/PET/PVC/TPU/TPR & Etc.;

    Various cutting method, like to say:

    *. Strand bathing water cooled pelletizing system

    *. Water ring cooled strand hot-face cutting system

    *. Air cooled strand hot-face cutting system

    *. Air cooled strand belt convoying pelletizing system;

    *. Water flushing and cutting in the water cutting system; 

    *. Under water pelletizing system;

    *. And other special cutting system;


2) Twin screw plastic sheet making line; like to say PE/PP/PC/PET/PVC


3) Twin Screw Bio mass degradable plastic extruder; 

     Degradable plastic pure or modification for granules making, like to say PBAT, PHA & Etc.;

     Degradable plastic pure raw material or modification material extrude into Sheets, like PLA, PBS & Etc.; 


4) Three shafts(screws) plastic extruder for filler and master batch for large output capacity requirements.


5) Recycling plastic granulating machines: like PET bottle chips, or PET waste films’ pieces are redo granulate

into the particles.


6) Professional machine and equipment for PCB business field.


You’re welcome to visit our website and our factory, and we hope we could have a closed to create mutual

resplendence tomorrow.


Extruder Online mission is:CUSTOMER COMES FIRST!




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