Do you know the difference between single screw plastic extruder and twin screw plastic extruder? Jun 21, 2022

Difference between single screw plastic extruder (granulator) and Twin screw plastic extruder (granulator):

  1. the main cylinder of the single screw granulator adopts electric heating, air cooling or water cooling to automatically control the cylinder temperature. If necessary, the screw core can be cooled by water (oil) to control the screw temperature. The twin-screw extruder precisely controls the temperature through an independent heating and cooling system, which is more accurate than the single screw extruder.single screw extruder
  2.  single screw extruder is mainly used for recycling granulation and plastic extrusion with simple demand, but it has the production of pipes and profiles, which is advantageous because it has a constant and relatively high pressure output; Twin screw granulator is mainly used for modification production of plastics, such as filler, chlorination, polypropylene and super absorbent resin; Degradable master-batch, polyamide polycondensation, polyurethane additive reactive extrusion, and small plastic extrusion equipment are mainly used for scientific research and teaching.

single screw granulator

Twin screw extruder (plastic granulator) mainly includes parallel type and conical twin screws plastic extruder. Compared with single screw plastic extruder granulator, twin screw granulator has the following characteristics in granulation processing:

 twin screw plastic extruder

1)      The transport efficiency of single screw extruder, the material depends on the friction function of solid material and the viscosity of melt. For the twin-screw extruder, the transportation of materials is based on the principle of positive displacement, and there is no pressure backflow.

2)      Due to the L/D ratio is adjustable, and short L/D ratio means that short screw length of twin-screw pelletizing extruder, the material stays in the twin-screw extruder for a short time, which can avoid the thermal degradation of recycled fiber and short L/D ratio is also reduced power consumption than long L/D ratio plastic extruder.

3)     The plastic extruder has excellent by homogenizing and plasticizing effect, as the plastic extruder is good at mixed shear by vertical and horizontal directions.

4)    Twin screw granulator has excellent exhaust and self-cleaning functions. The single plastic extruder didn’t have self-cleaning functions.

5)      The flow rate of twin-screw pelletizing extruder is not sensitive to die pressure, so it is more effective for extruding products with large size and area. The flow of single screw granulator is sensitive to die pressure.


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